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Back in the studio
and out on the road.

Marly Ariel’s new EP On My Way is complete, we will be releasing pre-sales information shortly. Like her on Facebook and touch base with her through her other social links below.

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Wow, what a crazy summer! Sorry I have been MIA this summer. I decided to take the summer off from gigs and took some me time before college. I traveled, wrote some songs, said good bye to dear friends as we all scattered to different parts of the country, and wrote some songs, laid some tracks and wrote some more songs. It was some much needed soul searching before I began the next chapter of my life. So a big THANK YOU to my friends and fans (and booking agencies) for your patience with me and my absenteeism over the summer. HOWEVER, I have some great material that I cannot wait to get working on ... along with my Vocal Performance Degree. You will see me in Wisconsin next summer, but for now you can find me gigging in Minneapolis, recording some new material and studying for my degree. Who says you can't do it all?!?!?!? I am giving it the collegiate try! Music runs in my blood, so bare with me through this transition, and I promise you won't be disappointed.

Marly Ariel
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See Marly’s calendar page for all of her upcoming concerts.

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